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VA8040 Moisture Meter

Key Features:
VA8040 designed to measure material moisture with manual and automatic range selection.

It can quickly measure deffierent 7 material (Hard wood, Soft wood, Cement mortar, Lime mortar, Bricks) for moisture with resolution:0.1%, 0.2% accuracy, in the meanwhile, it display the temperature for ℃, ℉.
LCD backlight function make you reading easily even in the darkness. It is ideal for DIY, building and engineering project.


VA8040 Moisture Meter
The Moisture meter has been designed to measure the material moisture, air temperature. Commonly used to measure the moisture contents in wood and building materials, and the air temperature.


The meter has been designed according to CE directive: 2004/108/EC
Parameters: % material moisture contents, temperature℃, ℉
Accuracy: Conductivity measurement: ±%2
Temperature: ±1℃
Resolution: 0.1% , 0.1℃, 0.1℉
Measurement range: 0.0%~95.7%, -10 ~ +50℃
Digital display: 3 digits
Measurement selection:
Material 1: 8.9~95.7%( Hard wood such as Beech, Spruce, Larch, Birch, Cherry, Walnut and so on.)
Material 2: 7.1~80.0%( Soft wood such as Oak, Pine,Maple,Ash-tree, Douglas fir, Meranti and so on.)
Material 3: 1.0~2.5%( Cement or Concrete plane, Plaster produce.)
Material 4: 0.0~3.3%( Anhydrite plane)
Material 5: 0.7~3.8%( Cement mortar)
Material 6: 0.5~7.4%( Lime mortar)
Material7: 0.0~23.4%( Bricks)


Accessories include:
●Free 1.5V x3AAA batteries
●Free protect cover
●Free protective carrying case
●Free Wrist Strap/String
●User's Manual


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