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VA50 Series New Extra-safety Multi-function Multimeter


VA50 Series New Extra-safety Multi-function Multimeter

Extra-safety meet with IEC 61010-1 CAT Ⅲ 1000V / CAT Ⅵ 600V
Intelligent high accuracy(up to 0.025%)digital multimeter with USB (Vista/XP/Windows 2000)
High capacitance measure up to 60mF quickly
Auto identification smart type(VA51/VA51R):
Auto identify DC voltage and AC voltage
Auto identify DC current and AC current
Auto identify resistance/capacitance/diode/continuity
Double value display and peak measure(VA52/VA52R/VA52RP/VA55/VA57/VA58)
New multimeter with extra dual ways temperature measure function(VA55/VA57/VA58)
Multimeter+process calibrator with data logging function(VA58)
Non-contact electric field sensors alarming with analog bar display(VA51/VA51R)




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