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VA8050 Digital luxmeter

VA8050/VA8051 Digital luxmeter
The VA8050 is one of our Environmental Instruments Series, one measuring instrument designed for measuring the intensity of your lighting systems and measure illuminances in areas like workplace, field of cinematography and scenic design, general field of lighting, etc.

VA8051: light sensor canbe rotated in 270 angle to make measure more easy and fast.

VA8050/VA8051 featured advantages are double parameter measurement - Lux (lm/m2) & footcandle (lm/ft2), over range indicator, low battery indicator, big 6-digit LCD screen, measuring range of 0~90000 Lux & 0~8300.0 ftc, accuracy of ±(3% +30 digits), 1sec sample rate, auto power-off with disable feature, data hold, Maximum and Minimum reading functions, and backlight.

VA50 VA51(Sensor: 270° adjustable)

●Double Parameter Measurement: Lux(lm/m^2); foot candle (lm/ft^2)
●Range: 0~30000 Lux; 0~2788.0 ftc
●Resolution: 1 Lux(0…30000 Lux);
                      0.1 ftc(0…2788.0 ftc)
●Accuracy: ±(4% +50 digits) to reference
●Sample rate; 1 time/sec
●Auto power off: about 20 minutes idle
●Operating environment: 0~+50℃(32~+122°F), 0~80%RH
●Storage environment: -20~+60℃(-4~+140°F), 0~80%RH
●Special function: Auto power off with disable feature; Data hold; MAX MIN; Back light
●Power Supply: DC1.5V (AAA) x 3pcs(included)
●Dimension:121(L) x 60(W) x 30(H)mm
●Weight: about 180g

Accessories included:
● Free 1.5V( AAA battery) x 3
●Free Sturdy Carrying Case with hardened & contoured foam inside
●Free Wrist Strap
●User's Manual



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