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VA8030 Non-contact digital tachometer

Key Feature:

A instrument designed to measure accurate rotation speed (2 units: rpm and rps) quickly with laser target.

It also have special functions such as number of impeller setting, data hode, MAX and MIN values, backlight and auto power off, operates on three AAA batteries only.

LCD display with backlight provides a clear readout even in dark environment.

It is ideal for HVAC, automobile, laboratory and repair industry.

●Display: 6 digits LCD Display
●Parameters: rpm, rps
●Range:100~30000 rpm,1.7~500 rps
●Resolution: 0.1 rpm(100~999.9 rpm)
                          0.1 rps(1.7~100 rps)
                          1 rpm(1000~30000 rpm)
                          1 rps(100~500 rps)
●Accuracy: ±0.1%reading (100.0~9,999rpm)
                   ±0.02%reading (10,000~30,000rpm)
●Number of impeller setting: 1-9
●Sample rate; 1 time/sec
●Auto power off: about 2 minutes
●Operating environment: -10~+50℃, +14~+122°F
●Storage environment: -20~+60℃, -4~+140°F
●Dimension:121(L) x 60(W) x 30(H)mm
●Weight: about 180g

Accessories included:
● Free 1.5V x3AAA batteries
●Free protect cover
●Free protective carrying case
●Free Wrist Strap
●User's Manual

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